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BIS Registration / CRS

For Electronics & IT Products


BIS Registration (CRS) is mandatory for notified IT and Electronic Products to be sold in Indian Market. There are several products which are covered under the mandatory product list. This certificate is issued by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) office. This certificate is given to only manufacture where the products are being made.

How to get BIS Registration?

The manufacturer needs to get the product tested as per BIS Standard from BIS approved lab. Then manufacturer needs to apply on BIS Portal along with test report and other related documents. After scrutiny of all documents, BIS Issues the Registration number and certificate.

Important Information - BIS Registration

Mandatory Product List

We have a list of mandatory products from IT & Electronic industries. You can check the IS code for your product by clicking on the link below.

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Documents Required

To apply for the BIS registration, an applicant must have to fulfill the list of required documents as below

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Estimate Costing and Time frame for Electronics and IT Products

Being a “Not-for-profit” organization, there is no any consultancy charges. We have a very nominal costing for Indian Manufacturer. You need to pay the standard testing fee, Government fee and handling fee only.

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Validity and Renewal

BIS Registration is valid for 2 years and it can be renewed subsequently. Few documents and fees will be needed to get renewal.

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Series Guideline

In Single BIS Registration Application, 10 similar models (series models) of one brand can be processed together provided all models fall in series guideline. Only Set Top Box can have multiple brands of 10 series models in single BIS Registration Application.

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Registration Process

Process of BIS Registration is divided in 7 steps:

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Guidelines for Importer and Trader

BIS Registration Certificate is issued to Manufacturing Units only and no Importer or Trader can get it in their own name.

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Format of BIS Certificate

Specimen copy of BIS Registration Certificate for reference purpose is as below:

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Exempted Products List

If you are manufacturing or importing the product which are defined in Mandatory BIS Registration List and your product meets at least one of the following criteria

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Guidelines for Marking Label

Every product must have clear marking label which cannot be removed, cannot be washed off and cannot be scratched by normal effort.

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Fixing of BIS Logo on Product

All products are required to put the BIS Logo on product & packaging after getting the BIS Registration Number of that particular product (model).

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Kind of Business License Required

Business License of the applicant (manufacturer) is required to get BIS Registration. Below are the features carried out by Business License:

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Testing Sample Return Policy

The tested samples have to be collected back after 3 months and before 4 months from the date of issue of test report.

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All other information about BIS Registration

Below is the FAQs sheet released by BIS office.

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