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BEE Registration

For Electrical Appliances


Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is constituted by the Ministry of Power on March 1, 2002, underneath the provision of the Energy Conservation Act 2001. The basic objective of the BEE certificate is to verify the electrical products with standard power consumption rate. Higher star rating denotes the higher energy efficiency.

How to get BEE registration ?

First of all manufacturers need to register their Brand at BEE portal. Subsequently they need to register the model individually.

For getting the BEE certificate for models, the manufacturer(s) need to get the product tested with BEE certified lab then they need to apply to BEE portal with other required documents.

RACAP India assists Indian manufacturers in getting BEE Registration for the notified Electrical products.

Important Information - BEE Registration

Mandatory Product List

Following are the mandatory product list for BEE Registration

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Voluntary Product List

Following are the mandatory product list for BEE Registration

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Required Documents List

The required documents can be needed based on testing lab, BEE for Brand registration, and model registration.

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Estimate Costing and Time Frame

Being a “Not-for-profit” organization, there is no any consultancy charges. We have a very nominal costing for Indian Manufacturer. You need to pay the standard testing fee, Government fee and handling fee only.

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Validity and Renewal

BEE Registration is valid for 3 years and it can be renewed subsequently.

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Registration Process

Process of BEE Registration is as follows:

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Format of BEE Certificate

The specimen copy of BEE Certificate for reference purpose is as below:

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Guidelines for Marking BEE Star Label

BEE Star Label Marking is categorized into 2 different sizes:

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Prior to Registration on the BEE Portal

Requirements Prior to Registration on the BEE Portal are as follows:

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Placing BEE Logo on the product

BEE labelling requirements consist of:

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Post BEE Approval

Steps after BEE Approval are as follows:

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Testing Sample Return Policy

The tested samples have to be collected back within 15 days from the date of issue of test report.

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